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अलख स्वायत्त सहकारिता

ALAKH Self Reliant Cooperative

(Association for Livelihood Actions in Kumaun Himalayas)

The ALAKH Self Reliant Cooperative was established in 2018-2019. Basically, the idea behind organizing this cooperative was to create self employment for local youth, entrepreneurship development and also to stop the youth migration from the mountain villages. Individually anyone can not play a big role to bring the changes in our society but together we can. By establishing various small rural micro-enterprises amongst the community, as an organization we can play a significant role for the welfare of mountainous youth, marginal farmers and rural women.


Our Legal Status

S.No.Type of Registration Registration No.
1.SRC Registration No.: 136/ 24-01-2019
3.PAN No.:AAIAA6099E
4.TAN No.:MRTA16585C
5.Udyam Registration No.:UDYAM-UK-07-0002926
6.NGO Darpan Unique ID:UA/2019/0227962