Horticulture Nursery:

We have established a horticulture nursery at our farm where we produce the planting material of temperate fruit crops; e.g. peach, plums, apples, apricot, nectarine, almond, citrus and other crops. Farmers can get the temperate fruit plants from this nursery.


To encourage the mountain farmers for herbs cultivation, herbs-nursery is also established together with commercial cultivation of culinary herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants at our farm. The farmers can get the planting material of these herbs; e.g. rosemary, chamomile, lemon grass, thyme, parsley, scented rose, oregano, sweet basil, onion chives, garlic chives, etc…


We have established a nursery of flowers and decorative plants where the people can get the planting material of various floral species. In our nursery we have; e.g. rose varieties, lilium, margaret, jaggery, creepers, succulents, passion fruit, etc…

Vegetable Nursery:

In our vegetable nursery we produce the quality and disease free planting material of seasonal vegetable crops for commercial purpose. The major crops we take in our nursery are; cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, chili, brinjal, tomato, cucurbits, etc…

Fodder and Forest Nursery:

Together with fruit plants, herbs, flowers and vegetable planting material we have established a fodder and forest nursery also. In our fodder and forest nursery we have seasonally available the planting material of evergreen species; e.g. oak species, padam, small bamboos, mulberry, temperate fodder grass and others. We promote the wild-edible fruit plants to be planted on the boundaries or surrounding forest areas, so that monkeys and other wild animals can be busy eating these wild fruits and we can minimize the risk of their attack in our major crops.